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Weight Management with Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy

Control your Weight With Clinical Hypnosis

You don’t have to spend your days obsessing over food any more!

How many times have you gone on a ‘Diet’, lost the weight, only to put it back on, plus a few more?

Studies have shown that going on a diet causes high blood pressure, low metabolism, anxiety, depression and numerous other health problems. Diets require you to sacrifice by being hungry; they don’t allow you to enjoy the foods you love.

When we feel a craving we assume it’s for food, but no matter how much food we eat it does not fill that need, it only makes us feel worse! We confuse our physical and emotional appetite.

With Hypnotherapy you can change your relationship with food. Hypnotherapy can liberate you from the deprivation and restriction of diets once and for all. Hypnotherapy can put you solidly in control of your eating habits!

With Hypnotherapy we not only deal with changing negative habits, we also deal with the underlying causes of being overweight, as overeating is frequently a symptom of stress, loneliness, frustration, anger, guilt, boredom or any of a myriad of other reasons.

Losing weight with hypnotherapy is not only about becoming thinner but also learning the behavioral skills you need to stick with throughout your daily life. It’s about changing your self-image. It’s about a whole new you and the possibility of creating a new life for yourself.

With Hypnotherapy you will be able to make the necessary behavioral changes that will help you make the gradual changes in your eating and exercise habits that are not painful or overwhelming but rather bring you closer to the core of an exciting healthy lifestyle that you will look forward to.

Take the frustration, guilt, and deprivation out of weight loss, and allow yourself to adopt new eating behaviors that can create realistic changes into your life that will make healthy eating and physical activity a pleasure. You will soon discover what your body is capable of and begin to look, act, and feel your very best.

• Can you see yourself buying clothes that are a few sizes smaller?
• Can you see yourself at your favorite restaurant, and eating only healthy foods?
• Can you see yourself exercising and best of all you’re enjoying it?
• Can you see yourself looking in the mirror and seeing the new you, looking healthier, thinner and more confident.

Hypnotherapy can help you achieve this and help you move forward toward your weight loss goal. This unique program has been carefully structured to put you back in control. Not only will you lose the excess weight, you will be able to eat ‘normally’, and stay at your ideal weight – without pills, special foods or liquid diets.


* Hypnotherapy works!! Easy and comfortable -- with no diet or deprivation.

I'm in my 60's and have lost 24 pounds in less than 8 months. Clarice's skill and education result in very effective sessions. I am pleased to have lost a significant amount of weight with practically no effort. The best part is that the changes are deep and can last a life time.

Janice L

* The hypnotherapy sessions with you were one of the best things I have ever done for myself. I have continued to lose weight and have continued to work out and exercise. Without your help I don't think I would have progressed this far nor would I be able to continue progressing. Thank you so much!



* I originally went to Clarice for weight loss issues. Though I always knew the weight was a symptom and not the problem, it seemed no matter what I tried including conventional therapy, I couldn't shed those unwanted pounds. What I got from my work with Clarice was so much more than I expected. Not only have I shed weight and inches (I'm down 3 pants sizes so far) but I am moving through the blocks and fears of relationships. I haven't found "the one" yet, but I feel closer than ever to having a meaningful relationship and my perfect body. Thanks Clarice!!!


* Hypnotherapy Results with Clarice!!

I learned about Clarice from one of my best friend’s who quit smoking after a few sessions. After a few conversations with my friend, I became very interested in hypnotherapy and how I could use this tool for my own life. I soon discovered that Clarice was the best investment I ever made in my life!

Clarice has proven to be a trusted advisor and an enabler to living my “best life”. I have learned to program my brain to take control over my actions and, thus, realize any goal. Although I am a very successful person, Clarice has given me the extra edge required to modify any self-destructive or non-beneficial behavior to ensure I am in control of the outcomes of my behavior.

Two target areas that Clarice has helped me with include weight management and finding a life partner. She has helped me take my fitness goals to the next level as well as lose a dress size. She has also helped me focus on opening my heart to attract the love of my life and to be crystal clear in the goal of finding my life partner. Clarice’s talents in hypnotherapy have helped me to lead a more fulfilling life, and she has showed me that I excel in any goals that I set at the subconscious level.

E. Fields

* Disclaimer: Individual Results May Vary.

Clarice Barkhordarian Clarice Barkhordarian, CCHT
Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

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